Defining Adoption

The dictionary version would read like this:  to take the legal responsibility of a child that is not ones biological child

Webster’s dictionary may read very close to that, and while there are legal eliminates, adoption is a journey of much more.

I came across this saying, and forgive me I do not know who was the first to say it

” I’m not saying it is going to be easy, but I am saying it is going to be­ worth it”

Adoption is yes a legal process that takes time, paperwork (a ton of paperwork), learning, growing, and understanding.  For our family adoption is also  an emotional journey that requires perseverance, patience, love, faith, and hope. Our family has had the privilege of embracing the challenges that come with adopting and witnessing the healing, the giggles, wiggles, joy, safety and attachment that is created.

Though my children do not share my skin color, eye color or DNA, they know when they fall down my arms are a safe place to run.


When thinking, and talking about adoption, how does your family define it?



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